Eddie and the Tide rocked the San Francisco Bay Area from 1983 to 1990. The band played all over the Bay Area - the Keystone Palo Alto, the Stone in SF, the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, Uncle Charlie's in Corte Madera, and many more places. They did not get their due and sadly broke up. Actually, they sort of drifted apart. But now there is a website for all of you former San Francisco Bay Area club concert fans as well as fans from across the world. Thanks for stopping by to check it out!

Yes, we are older now but nothing will ever compare to the great sounds and shows of Eddie and the Tide! Their last show was in 1990 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Nobody knew it was going to be their last show. Some were lucky enough to be there! Regardless, their music lives on and still continues to make people smile when they hear the great sounds of The Tide.

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NEWS section as additions are constantly being made. Recently, a long lost live recording was released and it featured a new studio song! The band continues to stay in touch from Nashville to the SF Bay Area and there is the possibility of writing new music sometime in the near future. Did somebody say "reunion concerts"? Maybe we'll get lucky...see the NEWS...stay tuned.

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The Tide

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"The Eddie Rice Project" features Eddie Rice (vocals and guitar), Scott Mason (drums and vocals), Chris Rieger (keyboards and vocals) along with and Kenny Ames on Bass (from Jason & the Scorchers) and Van O'Dell on guitar. This project was recorded in Nashville and it came together as a labor of love.

It must be made clear that this is NOT an "Eddie and the Tide" project. With that said, one will undoubtedly hear some similarities between the two for obvious reasons.

Eddie has felt these songs for a while and wanted to share these with music fans around the globe.

The 9 song CD is available for download via
iTunes and Amazon. For those looking for the physical CD, you can order your copy via Amazon through CD Baby. Go to the Eddie Rice Project page for more information!

Want to hear some samples of the songs?
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Hear the Steve “Eddie” Rice podcast from The Hustle by clicking here.
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Now you can download "I Do It For You", "Go Out and Get It", "Looking For Adventure" and "Stand Tall" on iTunes.

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