Steve “Eddie” Rice - solo projects

The Eddie Rice Project II

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Released in 2020

Tracks: Beautiful Earth, Don’t Let Go Of My Hand, Bless Someone, My New Home, Be A Light, Maybe Someday, Poetry Of Music, Souls
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The Eddie Rice Project

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Released in December 8, 2014

Tracks: Life Is Short, Anything Is Possible, Let Nature Heal Me, Transistor Radio, In This House, A Summer Song/Santa Cruz, Time Takes Time, If Love Was Just A Word, I Can Feel His Spirit (for song samples,
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My Days in The Dessert - Steve Eddie Rice

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Released in 2009- featuring George Marinelli (guitarist for Bruce Hornsby and Bonnie Raitt)

Tracks: This Love Thing, Tonight I Miss My Baby, My Days In The Desert, I Ain't Dead Yet, She Lights Up A Room, New Eyes New Heart, I Think About Jesus, When Someone Breaks Your Heart, Today I'm Letting Go

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It All Comes Down To Love - Steve Rice

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Released in 2000
Tracks: Life With You, It All Comes Down To Love, I Know How To Love You Now, Shaking Me Up, This Train, Feel The Angels, Enjoy The Ride, That's My Love, Maybe She'll Miss Me, Favorite Place To Rock, That's What My Love Is For, A Million Ways, It's A Better Place, As Far As I Can See
NOTES: this was the first solo release by Steve featuring all country music.

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